Meet The Team

Sam Mangione – CEO

Sam AKA Dr Win started taking gaming more seriously working as an MCSE and CCNA for a large tech firm to provide escalation level support whilst also quickly claiming a leadership position within the organization. One of Dr Win’s favorite achievements would include the success of his former ‘World Of Warcraft’ guild which rose to top 50 in the world. He then set out to lead a competitive team in a game called ‘Shadow Bane’ which saw them seize control of the server. Due to the restrictions of retail gaming, it had soon became a realization for Dr Win that even a professional level guild or team would not be able to generate a means of income. A much needed break was taken to focus on a solution for the problem. This is when block-chain games were discovered and the attractive Play-to-Earn model it has to offer. With ambitions for what looks to be a promising industry, Dr Win saw fit to reunite powerful allies to form NFT2EARN!

Peter Wertjanz – CIO

Swaggy is a powerhouse when it comes to finance and sets out to be a pioneer of the block-chain gaming industry. His mission made achievable by harnessing the power of true ownership and applying his passion for numbers within the meta-verse. With confidence, Swaggy believes that we are entering a brand new digital era, full of prosperous virtual assets that are ripe for the picking. His favorite past times include trading and dominating any in-game market place. Swaggy started his commitment to this journey in early February 2021 and is already a renown AXIE Infinity Manager, accommodating a full roster of enthusiastic scholars. Reading up to 10 whitepapers a day whilst hunting projects with profitable investment opportunities is a task he gladly sets upon himself. We hope you are just as excited as Swaggy is for the future of Play-to-Earn as he joins our efforts in making many peoples dream of earning a living through gaming come true!

Boen – CFO

Over the past twenty years, Scott AKA Boen has honed his abilities to scale early stage companies through extensive experience in investment banking and CFO roles. With senior roles supporting finance and accounting functions, sales ops, tactical M&A and merger integration. Boen has worked with companies in tech utilizing a variety of business models including SaaS, inventory, manufacturing and B2B/B2C businesses. With a strong track record of managing teams, identifying and implementing strategic goals, evaluating business risks and opportunities, scaling, financial modeling, scenario analysis and bridging communication between key stakeholders. Being in the crypto space since 2016, Boen envisions the evolving Metaverse and Web3.0 environment as the wild west of the late 1990s internet cycle. He believes the gaming ecosystems are leading the charge into new technology development and social interactivity.

SourSonder – CISO

Sonder/Sour is an ominous character currently residing in the United Kingdom. He is the ghost of discord who may or may not be there at any time. Sonder enjoyed playing Kings Of Avalon with Dr Win years ago where the idea of NFT2Earn had sparked, crowning him one of the first official members. Sonder enjoys strategy, puzzle and logic games often finding creative solutions to problems that would challenge most. Putting others needs before his own makes Sonder a great addition to the team with an extremely approachable nature. Sonder’s many years of administration experience resulted in his handling of our discord server with the assistance of his good friend Tehcheatah!

Connor Ashworth – CTO

Tehcheatah is a full time web developer and our dedicated server Administrator. Day to day upkeep, applications and marketing is only a fraction of what Tehcheatah can achieve behind a keyboard. Within the server, he has created our in-house bot to help with day-to-day commands and a games bot to engage the community and keep chatting exciting! He has a sound background in gaming and thoroughly enjoys being immersed in the MMO genre, recently discovering exciting opportunitys on the Block-chain. You will see Tehcheatah active on the Discord and may even find him hosting a Twitch stream on the odd occasion. Being super responsive and approachable, Tehcheatah is the go to guy!

Zezima – CPO

Zezima is the guy who aims to keep the mouths moving and hands shaking. With a background in social leadership roles developed through real life and virtual experiences, Zezima has the capability to create fresh and exciting opportunities for all. His responsibility is to maintain a positive and engaging environment by actively involving the community in public events and promotional opportunities whilst building lasting connections. He believe’s each member has the potential to contribute if given effective and understandable methods to easily get on board. If he isn’t devising programs or offering expertise, you will find Zezima in our Discord bringing life to the party <(=^D

Condor – CMO

Our Texas cowboy lost on the west coast, Andrew ‘Condor’ Martin spearheads all marketing for the platform. After contributions to Emmy award winning seasons of ‘Saturday Night Live’ and making his feature length directorial debut with the blood-soaked pandemic schlockfest, ‘Shelter In Place’. Condor was excited to expand into the fast growing medium of Blockchain Gaming. His goal is to help create an avenue which seamlessly integrates mainstream users into the space and educates the world of the massive opportunities to be had. When he’s not pulling his hair out trying to relearn to code, you can find Condor cracking jokes in the Discord, (or on a surfboard at the beach).