Building guilds in the games you love

NFT2Earn is either interested or currently playing in the games below. Guilds are our speciality when it comes to working together and getting to the top of the leaderboard!

Doing all the heavy lifting for you

We know how hard it is to go out there and find fun, sustainable games that have good morals. This is why we have comprised this list of projects we know and trust

Teaming with the game developers

We have teamed up with some of these games to not only get early access for us, but to also help with the Alpha and Beta testing, helping iron out all pre release bugs

Ember Sword

Bright Star Studios // Pre-Alpha

A Free-to-Play MMORPG taking place in a player-driven dystopian fantasy universe with a fast-paced classless combat system. Create a character, pick a home nation, and venture into the mysterious world of Thanabus. Prove your worth in an action packed combat system by defeating monsters, bosses, and other players, or explore the open world as a peaceful forager of goods and fine rares making a name for yourself.


Galactic Entertainment // Pre-Alpha

A unique game of exploration, survival and discovery in which players can own entire planets that evolve and upgrade to increase their utility and value. Recruit friends to join in on an epic adventure gathering resources, building bases, conquering planets and fighting off wild alien creatures. The game embodies a powerful Play-to-Earn economy spanning through players, planets and guilds, allowing for the discovery of valued artifacts.

Legends Of Venari

Released 2021

A creature collection based RPG where adventurer’s will set out to explore the wild and wondrous planet of ‘Caerras’. Using the “bait” system will attract the Venari, allowing their capture using “rigs” and expanding your valuable NFT collection. Utilizing your gold and experience will result in better rigs and bait, increasing Venari rarity and capture success rate. Will you be the lucky Expeditionist to capture the Legendary 1 of 1 Whale?!

Star Atlas


A space-themed grand strategy video game built on the Solana blockchain. This expansive multiplayer Metaverse title is set in the distant future of the year 2620 where space travel is no longer a dream. The gaming platform explores some of the more technological breakthrough’s utilized by the Unreal 5’s Nanite Engine, delivering a quality gaming experience with visually pleasing effects, keeping explorers fully immersed.

Unfamiliar Territory


A Play-to-Earn MMO experience existing on the Ethereum blockchain. Be a resource baron, immerse yourself in quests or explore 8 specialized skill trees based on your race. Included are five chapters of narrated backstory that drive’s the game into a land filled with creatures that have been mutated by strange artifacts. Enjoy a dedicated PvP arena and take to the blue skies in giant balloon airships, seeking out the highest bounty.

Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis Studios // Released 2018

Axies are fierce creatures that love to battle, build and hunt for treasure. Form unstoppable teams of Axies and conquer your enemies while growing your collection to use across an ever expanding universe of games. One of the first Play-to-Earn games Developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, which utilize the popular Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) hosted on the Ronin Network.

Death Road

Released 2021

Becoming a comprehensive gaming ecosystem built on the Blockchain for next generation racers to utilize their driving skills and enjoy a real racing experience to earn valuable digital assets. It features a Metaverse type of environment designed in the setting of a virtual city equipped with a battle mode stadium, car rental service, asset marketplace, real-estate and even a premium vehicle display showroom to host car highlight events.


Released 2021

A mechanical racing game with futuristic mythological styling. Pega are the horses and are descendants of the mighty Pegasus. In this game, players will participate in PvP formatted races to win rewards which are the platform’s native utility token, Vigorus (VIS). Similar to Axie Infinity, this game utilizes scholarship mechanisms to help players, guilds and communities race competitively with users on the Matic/Polygon Network.


11Minutes Studios // Released 2021

As the first Play-to-Earn mini-game series on the Polygon Blockchain, You can expect new and exciting challenges with every session for a chance to win life changing prizes. Rewarding the Top 10 players on the leader board with big money prizes such as 1st $80,000, 2nd $20,000 and 3rd $10,000. Skilled and dedicated players in the top 25% have a chance to be rewarded which will see the user’s initial investments covered & more!


Gala Games // Pre-Alpha

An epic fantasy RPG set in a massive open world ruled by five player-monarchs. Allowing absolute freedom of choice, adventures may set out to try their luck against monsters in the deep woods and dungeons of the wilderness or join with one of the monarchs to serve as a knight. Player ownership of in-game assets being a central mechanic allows the set up of an extensive variety of merchants located in one of five major Citadels.



An open-world adventure game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Journey across a vast and varied landscape on your quest to hunt, capture and collect 100+ deity-like creatures called ‘Illuvials’ populating this alien world. Each possessing different affinities, classes, and abilities. Capture, Fuse and Upgrade your Illuvials to discover more powerful forms. Discover the cause of the cataclysm that shattered this once populated homeland.