Community Fund

PH Typhoon Relief

Following the tragic typhoon that has taken course through the Philippines, we have set up a fund to help those in need of resources! We are hoping you can help play a part in getting the community back together!

Power Generators

The typhoon has taken down major powerlines, stopping the flow of electricity to cities, towns and small communities that may rely on this. We are purchasing power generators to help those power critical devices.

Care Packages

Many of the community shops are warehouses have been demolished with stock being damaged. We are buying food/support care packages to help families survive with the essential food and water they need.

Axie Infinity Pause

Many of our scholars are based in these communities and use Axie Infinity as a job to earn money. We have put our quotas on a long pause to allow players to focus getting back on their feet and keeping their Axie Account

Community Leaders

We are working closely with our Community Leaders in the Philippines to help with the distribution of essential resources, spanning multiple areas and communities affected by the typhoon.

Donation Links

We have set up 2 wallet addresses for those who wish to help our relief efforts.



Ronin (WETH SLP, and AXS):


CashApp ($,€,£ etc):